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A Corgi survives a deadly avalanche


Ole, a Welsh Corgi, somehow lived through a Wyoming avalanche that killed his guardian. Ole had been missing for four days and was presumed dead, but this week he turned up outside the motel room where his family had been staying, Reuters reports. (Read the original story here.)


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On Dec. 31, David Gaillard, 44, and his wife, Kerry, brought Ole along as they went cross-country skiing near Yellowstone National Park. They inadvertently triggered the fatal avalanche.

Kerry survived by clinging to a tree, but neither she nor rescuers who searched for David saw any sign of Ole, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports.

After the avalanche, the grieving Kerry returned to her home in Bozeman, MT. Four days later, Ole showed up outside the Cooke City, MT, hotel room where the family had stayed.

After the jump: Details about Ole’s reappearance.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports:

The Corgi was waiting in front of Room 17, whining a little, and then walking across the street to stare into the restaurant where the Gaillards had eaten breakfast, said Robert Weinstein, Alpine Motel manager. … “He was definitely hungry,” Weinstein said. “But he wasn’t injured.”

A member of the rescue squad called Gaillard’s family to tell them Ole was alive. “It was a really nice moment,” Kerry’s daughter Silver Brelsford, 15, told the Associated Press, “because we all had
a moment of happiness. It’s brought a little bit more light.”

The family told the AP that Ole is doing well now safe at
home. The funeral for David Gaillard was scheduled for today.

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