The weirdest pet names of 2011


We asked shelters and rescue groups to tell us the most wacky or unusual names for adoptable pets in their care this year. Here are our favorites.


Meet Iben Hooked in Mississippi at the Aberdeen Animal Shelter.

2011’s Most Unusual Adoptable-Pet Names

1. Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle
2. Polly Picklepuss
3. Sukimayapoo
4. Iben Hooked (pictured)
5. Blue Sparkles McGillicutty
6. Killer the Dog-Dominating Declawed Cat
7. Purr-etzle
8. Fluff Dog Millionaire
9. Jimmy Chews
10. Ishkabibble

After the jump: Our favorite celebrity-
inspired adoptable-pet names of 2011!

2011’s Best Celebrity-Inspired Adoptable-Pet Names

1. Barry Meow-nilow
2. Katy Purry
3. Ally McBeagle
4. Brad the Pit
5. Rascal Catts
6. Ringo Starr
7. Cindy Clawford
8. Cindy Dogford
9. Vera Fang
10. Lady Gaga

If you can’t see yourself yelling, “Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle!” in a crowded dog park, fear not: Animal behaviorists say it’s fine to change your newly adopted pet’s name. (Here are some tips for changing your pet’s name.)

Tell us: What’s the most unusual name you’ve given a pet?

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