Top dog and cat names of 2011!


Each year we look through the 300,000+ pets listed on Petfinder to find the top names for adoptable dogs and cats.


Adopt this Buddy at Kalamazoo, MI-based Canine Safe Harbor.

For the fifth year in a row, Buddy was the No. 1 dog name, while Lucy is again the top cat name.

The top five most popular dog names stayed the same as in 2010, but cats are a different story: Smokey and Charlie moved up to the No. 2 and No. 4 spots, respectively, while Midnight dropped to tenth after coming in second last year.

As the Twilight saga remains hot in bookstores and theaters, the name Bella, for both adoptable dogs and cats, has remained popular since 2010.

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2011’s Most Popular Adoptable-Dog Names

1. Buddy
2. Max
3. Daisy
4. Bella
5. Lucy
6. Molly
7. Charlie
8. Jack
9. Sadie
10. Rocky

2011’s Most Popular Adoptable-Cat Names

1. Lucy
2. Smokey
3. Bella
4. Charlie
5. Tiger
6. Oreo
7. Daisy
8. Molly
9. Max
10. Midnight

Does your pet have one of these popular names, or something a little more unique? Come back tomorrow for 2011’s most unique pet names and the best celebrity-inspired names for adoptable pets.

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