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This Pit Bull reunion will make you cry


pit-bulls-and-parolees-cheryl-and-roxy.jpgWe recently spoke with Pit Bull rescuer Tia Torres of Villalobos Rescue Center in Santa Clarita, CA, and star of Animal Planet’s hit show Pit Bulls and Parolees (Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET).

She told us about one of her “greatest dog moments.” Check it out above, then read our exclusive interview with Tia.

PETFINDER: Who is Cheryl?
TIA: Cheryl is a young girl who was addicted to heroin and lived a rough life.

Why was she separated from Roxy and for how long?
She became separated from Roxy when she was arrested out of a hotel room. They were apart for a year and a half.

How did Roxy come to be in your care?
Because the arrest took place in Oxnard, “someone” contacted “someone” who knew that Mando worked for a Pit Bull rescue so Roxy and her puppies were brought to a friend of his house.

After the jump: Find out why Roxy and Cheryl were able to be reunited and why Tia was so emotional at the reunion.

Why were Roxy and Cheryl ultimately able to be reunited?
When I was called into help with Roxy and her puppies, one of the first
things I noticed is that she was wearing a pink leather collar with a
pink rhinestone name tag. It just didn’t look like something an owner
who didn’t care would put on their dog. So I began to look for her owner
and ultimately she found her way to me. I wanted to give her a chance
to explain.

What did Roxy usually act like, when she was not with Cheryl?
Roxy was extremely dog- and people-aggressive.

Why were you so emotional at the reunion?
When I saw Roxy instantly transform into a “puppy” who loved everyone,
it was shocking. Then I immediately thought about all the dogs in
shelters who are misdiagnosed as aggressive when in fact they
are just emotionally traumatized. Just think of how many dogs are
euthanized because of this, and Roxy was able to prove me wrong and teach
me a lesson at the same time. I will never again “assume.” What a
great experience it was to see this happen right before my eyes.
Probably one of the greatest dog moments I’ve ever had.

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