Here’s What You Said: Pets as gifts

12-11-you-said.gifA pet popping out of a box under the Christmas tree is a nostalgic image, very Norman Rockwell-ish, so in our November newsletter we asked if you had ever received a pet as a gift.

Most of you, it turns out, chose your own pets, and there’s a good reason to let your gift recipients do that.

As a person searches for the “right” pet, a special connection often springs up between a particular pet and his or her potential guardian. We hear over and over, “It was love at first sight.” So if you “gift” a pet, you risk taking that special instant connection out of the equation.

After the jump: The RIGHT way to give pets as gifts.

Instead of a live pet under the tree, consider giving your friend or
loved one a Pet Promise Certificate. It promises that you will pay the adoption fee
for a pet. To present the certificate, you can attach it to a collar, leash, pet toy
or a stuffed animal. Then, in the calm after the holidays, the recipient
will be able to make his or her own decision about a pet. If the pet is for a child, you can help educate him or
her about the responsibilities of having a pet and the long-term nature
of the commitment. You can also “bone” up on appropriate breeds for your
family’s lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you might want to give a pet a “test drive” by participating in our
Foster A Lonely Pet for the Holidays program. No long-term commitment,
but by the time the holidays are over, you’ll know if the pet you’ve been fostering is a match for you.

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