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Happy Tail: An abandoned dog rubs paws with the stars


Lombardi lives on Madison Avenue in New York City and spends frequent weekdays as an official greeter at an event planning firm where his “mom” works. His “coworkers” love him and he even recently got to attend an event where he rubbed paws with famed dog trainer Victoria Stilwell.

This little professional has come a long way from when Animal Care & Control Of NYC found him abandoned and starved.

cute adopted dog photo

Read Lombardi’s story in his adopter Adrianne’s own words.

Lombardi was older and in poor condition when he arrived at the shelter — making it unlikely that he would be adopted in the high turnover world of AC&C. But People for Animal Welfare Society in Albion, NY, saw his potential. Because PAWS works with AC&C as New Hope partners — a group of approved shelters and rescue organizations that can take on overflow from AC&C — the rescue group was able to take him into its care.

PAWS boarded him in a private kennel while waiting for some kind souls to spot him on Petfinder and offer him a second chance.

Adrianne Prettyman and her boyfriend, Alex, were those kind souls who
“fell head over heels for his adorable face.” They met him and took him

Soon Adrianne and Alex discovered that Lombardi was completely deaf and
partially blind, “probably due to injuries and infections ignored by his
previous negligent owners.” This only heightened their devotion to him.

They credit Petfinder with their finding Lombardi. “Without Petfinder,
we never would have met this wonderful little dog that brings so much
happiness and joy into our lives!” Adrianne says.

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