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Happy Tail: A thrown-away senior dog comes home


According to Tiny’s Petfinder profile posted by Jackson County Animal Shelter in Cottageville, WV, “A couple who had gone for a walk in Tiny’s neighborhood saw Tiny thrown
out a door and over a porch. She was never allowed back inside and not
fed again.” After three weeks, an elderly neighbor took matters into her own hands and took Tiny to the vet.


Read Tiny’s story in her adopter Carmen Embert’s own words.

Flea bites riddled Tiny’s body, leaving scabs. She was malnourished and several pounds underweight. She had an ear infection. After being treated, she was turned over to the shelter to find a forever home. But senior pets can be hard to find homes for, and the shelter thought Tiny might be hearing- and vision-impaired as well.

Carmen Embert of Baltimore saw Tiny’s listing on Petfinder and,
knowing that senior pets — particularly those with special needs — often have
little chance of getting adopted in crowded shelters, decided that if no one local stepped forward to adopt the little
Yorkie, she was going to drive the five hours to get her.

As it
turned out, a friend of Carmen’s who does rescue was doing a transport
from Ohio to Maryland and offered to stop through Cottageville to pick
Tiny up and bring her to Carmen. “The staff [at the shelter] was
wonderful in helping to pull things together in a short period of time,”
Carmen says.

When Carmen met Tiny, “she was a frightened, fragile and defeated little girl,” Carmen says. Shelter staffers “thought Tiny could not see or hear. I think she was just too hurt and weak to care.”

But now, “Tiny will never be hungry again,” Carmen writes. “She will never be on the outside looking in. Most of all, Tiny will always be loved.” And Tiny knows it. Carmen reports that Tiny can see and hear just fine now that she has a comfortable, forever home.

This Tiny story has a big happy ending.

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