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Happy Tail: A couple finds out why senior cats rule



Read Sabrina Louise’s story in her adopter Ellen Houser’s own words.

Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month is winding down, but many older adoptable pets still have so much love to give and certainly don’t deserve to spend their remaining years without homes. So here’s another sweet senior-pet adoption story:

The Housers of State College, PA, don’t let a pet’s advanced age worry them. In fact, they have sought out older cats to adopt.

“It was autumn of 2006, and one of our two cats had died,” Ellen Houser says. “Our surviving kitty, Murphy, then 10 or 11 years old, seemed lonesome. As we considered adopting a buddy for him, we looked for a mature but still active feline that would match Murphy’s age and energy level. But local shelters didn’t have any cats that fit all of the necessary criteria.”

Someone told her about Petfinder, which allowed her to take her search farther afield. Her attention was captured by a listing from the Lycoming Animal Protection Society (LAPS)
in South Williamsport, PA, for “a senior kitty with a first and a middle name.” Sabrina Louise was thought to be about 9. “When
we met her at the shelter,” Ellen says, “she climbed into our arms and we were

Sabrina Louise is a jewel. “She not only greets us
when we get home,” says Ellen, “but she also runs to meet anyone
who comes to our door. At night when we’re sleeping, she pats our faces
very lightly to wake us up so that we’ll pull the covers back and let
her snuggle in bed with us.”

The Housers weren’t the only ones who were won over: “As soon as Murphy met her, he was hooked too,” Ellen says. “Even though they had been
introduced as seniors, they got along beautifully, playing tag with
each other and wrestling like kittens. In the years since then, Murphy
passed away. Sabrina Louise has had two more feline companions, each one
a senior adopted from LAPS.”

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