Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopt a Petfinder dog

Teen superstars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber recently adopted a dog from a Canadian shelter, PEOPLEPets reports.


Whoever adopts Bradley Cooper will surely be a superstar in his eyes!

The shelter, D’Arcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Center) in Winnipeg, still has 43 adoptable pets posted on Petfinder, including Bradley Cooper (pictured).

Gomez and Bieber are both longtime pet-adoption advocates — she has five rescued dogs and he has filmed several pro-adoption PSAs for PETA.

Their newest family member is a 10-week-old Husky mix they named Baylor. The couple fell in love with him during a visit to the shelter while Gomez was in Winnipeg for a concert.

“They spent a lot of time with the puppies,”
the organization’s CEO, D’Arcy Johnston, told PEOPLE. “I was told that
[Gomez] was missing the dogs that she has at home.”

Still, Johnston was surprised when the singer decided to adopt Baylor on the spot. Gomez was screened like any other adopter and took the puppy with her that day. (Visit for a photo of her and Baylor taken in London, Ontario.)

They aren’t the only young celebs to adopt Canadian shelter dogs recently: Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reportedly adopted a mixed breed named Bear while shooting Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.

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