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Happy Tail: After 5 years in a shelter, a three-legged Rottweiler goes home



Read Una’s Happy Tail adoption story in mom Laura’s own words.

Una wasn’t high on the list of adoptable pets while she waited for a forever home. She had spent most of her five years at Estherville Animal Shelter in Greenfield Center, N.Y., so she was no longer a young pup. In addition, she was missing a front leg. Still, the folks at the shelter had high hopes that the right person would come along.

And she did. Laura Foster was looking for a Rottweiler to keep her Rottie mix company when she happened upon Una’s picture on “It was love at first sight,” she says. And if that wasn’t enough, Una got along splendidly with Laura’s dog and two shelter cats; it was a done deal.

When Laura got married this past July, Una was the ring bearer. “Before we could begin the ceremony, she greeted all the folks in the front row, working the crowd like a politician,” Laura says. “She later stole the show by barking when the
minister said the usual thing about objections.”

As part of a family after those years in a shelter, she was probably just registering her approval.

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