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How I cured my dog’s fear of thunderstorms, instantly


First of all, no one at Petfinder asked me to write this blog about Thundershirts. I volunteered because I’m so enthusiastic about them. (Don’t know what they are? Watch this Fox News report and see a study about Thundershirts here.)


Tucker used to pant, pace and tremble during thunderstorms.

One night this summer I witnessed an amazing thing: We had a house-shaking storm around midnight. As usual, Tucker, our German Shepherd mix, was trembling, panting heavily and pacing. But we’d recently bought Tucker a Thundershirt and gotten him used to wearing it ahead of time, like the instructions suggest.

I struggled out of bed with lightning flashing outdoors, retrieved the Thundershirt from the hallway and wrapped it around him snugly.
Within moments, Tucker settled down and
went back to bed. He was soon sleeping. It was nothing short of a
miracle to see him calm down like that.

Since that first experience, we have put Tucker’s Thundershirt on him whenever we hear a storm approaching. I fetch it from the hall, sit down in a chair and say, “Do you want to get your Thundershirt on?” He comes right over to me. He knows that it will help him — and it helps me because it was awful watching his frantic pacing and panting, knowing there was little I could do to make him feel better. The Thundershirt is a comfort to us all.


Tucker in his Thundershirt.

Help shelter dogs stay calm and get adopted faster
Thundershirt recently teamed up with Petfinder to help adoptable dogs overcome their fears too — and increase their chances of getting adopted. Donate a Thundershirt to a shelter or rescue group in need by visiting the Thundershirt donation page and selecting a participating shelter from the drop-down list at check out.

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