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Q&A: Why does my cat splash his water everywhere?


thinkstock-91539797-500px.jpgQ: I have two cats: One is about 4 years old, the other is at least 11. My younger cat has suddenly developed an obsession with swatting the water out of his water bowl. I’m not talking about gentle splashes either — these are full-force tidal waves!

What can I do to break him of this habit? I’ve tried spraying him with water, but he’s back at it as soon as I set the water bottle down.— Lynn K.

A: This may be a symptom of boredom — your cat has found something that’s a lot of fun to play with.

What you can do:

  • Try changing the bowl to a fountain-type water dispenser, which can deter this behavior, or try using a lick bottle (like you see in small-animal cages) instead.
  • Provide your cat with a lot of other fun toys and play activities to give him an outlet for his active mind, and increase his play time with you so that he gets more exercise daily, which will tire him out. [See tips for keeping your cat entertained in our games for cats and dogs blog series.]

Mychelle Blake, CDBC
Pet trainer and deputy director, APDT
Las Vegas

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