Video: The Foundation is on the Stuff You Should Know podcast!

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant know a lot of stuff, and they want to make sure you know it too. Their popular Stuff You Should Know podcast features the senior writers for holding forth on everything from zombies to quicksand. 


Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant host Stuff You Should Know, a popular How Stuff Works podcast.

And now, Josh and Chuck have added the Foundation to their ever-growing list of stuff you should know about.

Both huge pet lovers, Josh and Chuck decided to make a special video for the Foundation to raise awareness about the work the Foundation does and what people can do to help. (Watch it after the jump.) The video features Chuck’s dog Buckley and focuses on the Foundation’s programs and simple things everyone can do to help find a forever home for every adoptable pet.

Please take a moment to watch the video
and share it with your friends and family —
you can help spread awareness and save the lives of homeless pets everywhere.

To learn more about the Foundation or to donate, visit

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