A starving Boxer and her puppies get lifesaving care


Ten Petfinder.com shelters and rescue groups recently received $1,000 grants from Blue Sky Soda and the Petfinder.com Foundation. Here’s the first in a series of stories about how the money is being used to help pets in need.


Violet and her puppies were  rescued from near starvation.

Violet is a sweet Boxer and the new mother of a litter of puppies. Found dangerously thin, the dogs were taken from their home as a cruelty case by animal control officers in Phillipsburg, NJ. S&L Animal Rescue, also in Phillipsburg, took Violet and her puppies in to nurse them back to health and find them homes.

“They were so infested with worms, we didn’t know if they would make it,” says S&L cofounder Lisa Diacik. They did. Thanks in part to the grant from Blue Sky Soda and the Petfinder.com Foundation, the rescue group was able to put Violet and her pups on high-nutrient food and milk supplements.

“We only have one puppy left, who is now 10 weeks old. The others were adopted last weekend,” Lisa says. “They will all have happy endings now.” (Visit Violet’s Petfinder page, and her still-adoptable puppy Pippa’s.) But Violet and her puppies aren’t the only ones benefiting from the grant.


Charlie will have needed hip surgery before he is available to be adopted.

Charlie, a terrier-mix puppy, came to S&L
needing hip surgery. The rescue group’s vet thinks malnutrition led to a deformity in Charlie’s hips — the ball at the top of
his femur never formed completely. Without surgery, Charlie
couldn’t put weight on his right hind leg.

But soon, Lisa says, 4-month-old Charlie will get the hip surgery he needs so he too can have a happy ending. He will be available for adoption and posted on Petfinder in the coming weeks.

“Thank you so much to the Petfinder.com Foundation and Blue Sky Soda,” says Lisa.

Find out how you can help Blue Sky Soda and the Petfinder.com Foundation improve the lives of homeless pets.

To learn more about the Petfinder.com Foundation or to donate, visit www.petfinderfoundation.com

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