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Joss Stone is fostering a senior Pit Bull!


British soul singer Joss Stone is in NYC and fostering a senior Pit Bull for local shelter Animal Haven!


“She was looking for a low-key dog that needed out of the shelter but
could handle being in the recording studio with her during the day,”
Animal Haven’s Jennifer Bristol tells

The dog who fit the bill was Oprah, a 6-year-old Mastiff/Pit Bull mix who’s described on her Petfinder profile as “a big, mellow girl with a lot of love to give.”

“I thought it would be nice to foster Oprah because she’s so, so sweet,” Stone says in the YouTube video above.
“And I can’t take her home because I live so far away, and I have four
dogs of my own.”

Good for her for taking advantage of her time in NYC to foster a dog in
need — not to mention one who, because of her age and breed, could be
considered a Less-Adoptable Pet! Oprah sure looks like a sweetie, and we’ll be rooting for her to find a great home!

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