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Here’s What You Said: Why pets are perfect for you


This month we are spotlighting less-adoptable pets for Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week (Sept. 17-25), and in our August newsletter we asked you to let us know why your pet may not be perfect, but is perfect for you.


Alicia’s blind dog, Luvbug

Alicia’s dog, Luvbug (pictured), is blind, and that was enough to turn off many adopters. “It was the fact that she was blind that drew me to her,” Alicia wrote. “I wish everyone could look past what is not perfect and see the love and devotion these pets have to give. To me they are not disabled, just differently abled.”

Diana was looking for a guinea pig to keep her other one, Eric, company. She adopted Zeus reluctantly because he had lost an eye to an injury. Nevertheless, he was the only one Eric tolerated. It turned out to be a perfect match. He is “a very loving piggie,” Diana says, “always whistling to get his treat in the morning.”

Buddy was big and old and had hip dysplasia. And according to his adoptive mom, Darla, “He’s scared of anything loud (fireworks, thunder, etc.), which is
understandable since he had his toes blown off with a gun (hunting
accident, we assume, as there’s buckshot in his other toes and pad of
that foot — he was a stray so we’ll never know his story).” But to Darla
he is perfect. “I didn’t set out to adopt a senior dog, but now I
consider it the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Twinkie, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, was heartworm positive, and Kelly
noticed she didn’t draw much attention at an adoption event. Kelly was
the only one who took her out for a walk. She decided to adopt her and
help this dog through the long and arduous treatment. Today Twinkie is
heartworm negative and Kelly has a wonderful addition to her family.

Joan works for a vet, and her one-eyed dog, Kiara, often goes to work
with her. “Kiara is kind and loving to disturbed customers and their
owners, often making their clinic experience better than it otherwise
would have been,” Joan says. Kiara was given up by two families before
Joan adopted her. “The coolest thing she does comes in the middle of the
night while she is sleeping. She lets out the most beautiful wolf-like
howl I have ever heard. Wonderful — because she’s deaf!”

Joan has
another one-eyed pet, a cat named Isabelle. “I have never thought of her
as disadvantaged,” Joan says. In fact, Isabelle is belle of the house.
“Isabelle seems to rule the roost. If she wants a lap, she gets the lap.
If she wants the chair, she gets the chair. If she wants to lie on the
ironing board and another cat is there, that cat vacates and Isabella gets  the ironing board.” She may be special, but it’s definitely a good
kind of special.

Lynda adopted “a badly matted,
yeasty-eared, wonky-kneed, rumple-furred, polka-dotted, one-eyed dog
they had named Columbo after the TV detective with the same appearance.”
Though he looked as though he would have all sorts of medical issues, the
vet gave him a clean bill of health and now the 5-year-old purebred
Cocker Spaniel is a treasured member of the family.

Debbie adopted a little 2.5-lb. dog with a cast on her leg. “I knew
the minute I saw her this was it,” Debbie says. After Debbie shed some tears convincing her reluctant husband, they adopted Pnut, as they named her.
Nine years later, the very timid little dog is “daddy’s happy girl and a
whopping 4.5 pounds.”

To all of you who responded, we commend you for looking beyond the
superficial to see the heart of a pet. Your pets may be special, but
so are you.

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