You said it: 12 reasons your ‘less-adoptable’ pets rule


In honor of Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, we asked fans on Facebook to finish this sentence: “My ‘less-adoptable’ pet rules because …” Here are just a few of our favorite answers.

Meet Buck in our Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week photo gallery.

1) “Andrea Pauly Duchess, my new kitty, was at the shelter for eight years after being abandoned. She had an eye removed due to infection and no one wanted her, poor darling girl. She is 12 years old and loves to play and snuggle. I cannot imagine my life without her!”
— Andrea P.

2) “Because as a screaming, biting, cursing macaw, no one saw her potential. Harlie now makes visits to senior homes and nursing facilities and is always a big hit! She is beautiful and funny and smart and loved, and she was hours from euthanasia when I brought her home.” — Sandra R.

3) “He turned out to be the best dog I ever owned. And no one wanted him because his vet bill was in the thousands because of someone beating him with a baseball bat.” — Joanne A.

4) “She is adorable and hilarious and probably the best dog ever. And we found her on Good thing we did, because I’m guessing the average, normal person (apparently, not us!) would not have loved her and her behavioral anomalies as we do.” —
Jane J.

5) “His awesomeness is like a secret that he only shares
with me.” — Andrea G. on Puff, a 10-year-old Beagle who does not like children, cats, or

6) “He can get around and do everything that any other cats can do even though he has no eyes! He’s a unique inspiration!” — Nathan F.

7) “Because being different doesn’t mean unlovable.
Not being first doesn’t have to mean being last. Unwanted by one
can mean perfect to another. Individuality is a blessing, not a curse.”
— Conni G.

8) “‎Being a Rottie, she scares away people who would want to hurt me, but she’s the sweetest dog ever and is so dense that you can give her a big squeeze when you hug her.” — Casey P.

9) “She had been abused, had her ears cut off with
scissors, and was nearly starved to death. Yet she loves humans (and
other dogs) more than any dog I’ve ever seen.” — Jennifer L.

10) “She is housetrained, walks on a leash, puts up with the multitude of fosters I bring in, is good with women, men, and children, doesn’t resource-guard, rides well in the car, allows my nieces and nephews to dress her up, knows the commands sit, stay, dance, takes treats nicely, is low-energy but full of love, and is the love of my life. (But she’s 8 years old and was therefore ‘less-adoptable.’)” — Terri M.

11) “Peaches, my Moluccan cockatoo, is one of the most compassionate creatures I have ever met. She may [have issues with] self-mutilating, but she has the most beautiful soul.” — Christopher B.

12) “Being born without eyes doesn’t slow my Dachshund down a bit. He is a daily
inspiration to us and everyone who meets him comes away celebrating the
spirit of ‘the little doxie who can.’ ” — Diana L.

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