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Here’s What You Said: Where do you travel with your pets?


In our July newsletter, we asked you where you like to travel with your pets. Hands down, water was the top destination, with the largest number of you heading to a pool, lake or ocean.


Chica and Princess hit the beach.

Ginger takes her dogs Chica and Princess (pictured) to Dauphin Island, AL, where “dogs are allowed on the beaches,” she says. “They were very curious about the crabs they found, but were smart enough not to get too close to them.”

Marisa and her family have five dogs, so they have to take turns going on trips. “Our favorite place is Islamorada in the Florida Keys,” she says, although the two chocolate Labs enjoyed playing in the snow in North Carolina. The dogs who are left behind stay at a pet resort.

Nell says her family drives down to Florida every year, where they rent a home with a pool. Loretta, her Bulldog, loves the water but can’t swim. “We got her a life jacket and raft, so now she can stay in the pool as long as she wants with my other dogs,” Nell says.

Drew, too, likes to vacation in Florida with his five dogs, but he
prefers Orlando, where he says he and his dogs enjoy the beautiful

Tom and his wife travel with their Shelties in a hard-sided, pop-up
camper. “Max, Molly and Nikki think the camper is their private dog
house complete with air conditioning and comfortable bedding,” he says. He notes
that more and more RV parks are allowing dogs these days.

Jeanne and her dog enjoy going to their cabin in Minnesota. “We like to
sit outside on the patio and watch the boats on the lake, sometimes go
for a boat ride and get to swim in the lake, and go for lots of walks.”

Thanks for all of your responses, letting us know where you like to travel with your pets.

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