Rescue U: The Cameron County SPCA is almost complete


Rescue U volunteers are still hard at work in Emporium, PA, completing
construction of the Cameron County SPCA. (Here’s my first post about the project.)


The Cameron County SPCA was little more than a framed building when Rescue U arrived last week.

The student volunteers have finished several projects so far. The concrete forms to add kennels
inside and out are poured and the fences are built. They’ve
added the plumbing the SPCA will need to set up bathing and vetting
areas. There are newly built raised beds and toys for the influx of pets the shelter will receive upon completion.

The inside of the
shelter was little more then framed wood when we got here. Now, the
walls are insulated, up and hung, the drywall is finished. The
transformation is amazing.

Watch this clip of Rescue U volunteers pouring concrete for the new dog kennels.

Thumbnail image for rudrywall.jpg

Volunteers Mike Thomas and
Kasey Martini finish installing drywall in the now insulated building.

Well-wishers from the community have been visiting regularly, all
very thankful for the students’ work and for finally having a safe place for homeless pets in their area.

Our student volunteers keep commenting
on how dedicated these people are to rescuing animals and
improving their situation. One example of this dedication comes from local Humane Police Officer George Sowers, who has spent
hours working side-by-side with us in between his calls. 

Though construction will be over in a few short days,  the efforts of these amazing Rescue U
volunteers will live for a long time in the hearts of the animals and
the people in Cameron County.

To learn more about the Foundation or to donate, visit

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