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Lost-Pet Reunions: Newly adopted Chip dashed out the door


Here’s another great lost-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain

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Chip, a newly adopted toy Poodle, slipped out his family’s front door.

Chip dashed out the door — from Kim in Antioch, CA

This morning around 8:30, while we were packing up to go to a big family picnic, Chip, our 5-year-old toy Poodle, slipped past my husband through an open door … we think. We’ve only had him for nine days, as we just adopted him from our county shelter.

We all cried and cried. After driving around the area for an hour and yelling his name, I called HomeAgain to report him missing and tearfully printed out the “Lost Dog” posters.

I hung the posters up and spoke to neighbors with the help of my sister. Seven and a half hours after we assumed Chip ran off, we got the call. It was a representative from HomeAgain, and she said something about having contact from a person who believed they had found Chip — but most of it was really a blur, as I was just too elated to think straight.

After verifying who I was and who the missing dog was, she kindly connected me with the person who found Chip. Even though we had scoured the home area several times, he was 10 houses down the street and had been found within a couple hundred feet of our house, just one hour prior to the phone call.

The poster I placed on the street sign in front of our home is the one that the rescuer had seen and used to call HomeAgain. We made it home in an hour and walked on clouds quickly to their home from ours, thanked them profusely and walked home, smiling all the way.

I can’t help but realize how fortunate we are that he appears to be unharmed and the same as when he left — and we have him home again thanks to HomeAgain and the kindness of our neighbors!!!
Who really knows if he would have been found without the service and homemade posters, instead of the top-notch HomeAgain-created ones? The service that HomeAgain provides and the peace of mind is well worth the nominal fee of $16.99 per year and I am so very glad that I invested in my pet’s safe recovery. I know that I sound like an advertisement, but everything I have stated is truly my heartfelt opinion. Please do not think twice about this service. Don’t take a chance when you have this assistance to find your pet, like we did.

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