Hurricane Irene: Are your pets prepared?

As Hurricane Irene threatens the Northeast, we want all of you who are within the storm’s path to be prepared to keep all family members safe.

08-26-cat.jpgVisit our Disaster Preparedness and Pets to find disaster preparedness tips in English and Spanish, downloadable disaster preparedness kit checklists for many pet species, and information on evacuating.

Here are a few important things you can do now to be prepared:

  1. Make sure all cats and dogs are wearing securely fastened collars with up-to-date identification.
  2. If you must or are planning to evacuate, remember that some community shelters may not accept pets. Check beforehand, and then look into other arrangements as soon as possible, such as having your pet stay with a friend, family member or reputable kennel. Also have pet carriers on-hand and in an accessible place near the front door.
  3. Contact your local animal shelter, elected official or emergency management office to inquire what pet disaster plans are in place.
  4. Assemble a pet disaster kit including your pet’s medical records, medications, name and number of veterinarian, a first aid kit, collars and leashes, food, water, bowls and a manual can opener, cat litter and pan and a photo of your pet.
  5. Make sure you have an appropriately-sized crate or carrier for each animal. Pets will be more welcome in an emergency sheltering situation if they are contained. Ask friends, relatives or others outside the affected area whether they could shelter your animals temporarily.
  6. Contact hotels and motels outside your immediate area to check policies on accepting pets and ask about restrictions on numbers, size and species. Ask if “no pet” policies could be waived in an emergency.
  7. Bring pets inside well in advance of the hurricane so you don’t have to search for them if you have to evacuate. As the hurricane approaches, call ahead to confirm your emergency shelter arrangements.

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