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Could your pet be killed by a predator?


As wild animals find their habitats shrinking, they’re increasingly venturing into human-populated areas in search of food — and for predators who hunt small animals, your pet may look like food.


Small dogs like adoptable Tippy are safer when they’re on-leash outside.

And it doesn’t matter where you live. A small dog in suburban Woodbridge, CT, was fatally attacked, possibly by a coyote, fisher or bobcat, last week while left alone in his front yard for less than five minutes.

Attacks like that one are not isolated to the Northeast (a coyote killed Jessica Simpson’s dog in L.A. in 2009) or to dogs (in NYC last month, a hawk snatched a cat off a terrace, although it eventually dropped the overweight feline, who lived).

After the jump, find out how you can keep your pet safe from predators.

How to protect your pet from predator attacks:

  • Never, ever leave your pet (of any species) outside unattended.
  • Keep your dog on leash or in an enclosed area, with you close by, when he’s outside.
  • Keep your cat inside. If you want to give him access to the outdoors, teach him to walk on a harness or provide him with a safe outdoor enclosure.
  • If your pet goes out on a porch, balcony or terrace, have the area enclosed and make sure you are always there when your pet goes out onto it.
  • Keep scavengers away from your home by locking up your trash and keeping your compost pile far away from the house.
  • Ask your vet if there have been attacks in your area and what other precautions he or she would recommend you take.

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