Six ways to help 15,000 pets find homes this weekend


This weekend, in honor of our 15th birthday, Petfinder and 1,500 shelters and rescue groups are holding what could be the largest adoption event in history. Our goal: to find homes for 15,000 pets. And you can help!


PitEssentials Rescue in Noble, OK, nominated Jazz for our Big Birthday Adoption Weekend photo gallery.

Looking to adopt? Find a participating adoption group near you and contact them to find out their Big Birthday Adoption Weekend event details.

Here are a some more fun ways to help us reach our goal:

  1. Contact your local shelter and volunteer for their big event. (Find an organization here.)
  2. Add our free 15th Birthday PicBadge to your Facebook or Twitter profile.
  3. RSVP “Yes” to our Big Birthday Adoption Event invitation to show
    your support, then share the invitation with your friends.
  4. Share a pet from our Big Birthday Adoption Weekend photo gallery on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Download a customizable birthday flier, fill in info about your local organization’s adoption event, then print it and post copies around your neighborhood or at work.
  6. Write a blog post or op-ed about the importance of pet adoption and include a link to (And add a link to your post in the comments below so we can all read it!)

Tell us: How will you help us find homes for 15,000 pets this weekend?

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