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Lost-Pet Reunions: Twinkie found the gate cracked open


Here’s another great lost-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

this story features a pet who was recovered even though his guardians
hadn’t updated his microchip with their contact information, many
microchipped pets aren’t returned because the contact information
associated with the chip is out of date (learn more).

of the many benefits of enrolling your chip with HomeAgain is that,
even if you only enroll once (which gives you access to a year of unbeatable benefits), you’ll still get permanent registration with FREE, unlimited updates for the rest of your pet’s life.

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Twinkie went exploring after finding the gate cracked open at her home.

Twinkie found the gate left open — from Michele Sullivan in Berryville, VA

We recently moved to a new house with a new phone number — and I had forgotten to update Twinkie’s HomeAgain information.

We live on a very busy rural road where cars zip by at 50 mph. Our house is on an acre which is completely fenced.

My husband let Twinkie out early on July 12, while I was still in bed. At 7:30 he came in and said she wasn’t in the backyard and we needed to go out now and look for her. I was sick with worry; I just anticipated that the worst had happened and was in a panic, especially because I immediately recalled that I had left the gate open a little when I did some gardening.

I drove up and down the road looking while Tim combed the woods behind the back fence with no luck. I happened to be at home when my phone rang around 8:30 — it was my sister, the one who had microchipped Twinkie and was listed as the alternate contact.

My sister had gotten a call from the local animal shelter. Someone on
the road had seen Twinkie, picked her up and taken her there. At the shelter
they scanned her chip (she had a tag saying she was microchipped, as well
as one listing our previous address and phone). Of course, none of the
primary phone numbers on the chip worked, so they called Jeanne.

By 9 a.m. we had gone to the shelter, picked Twinkie up and had her home!

First of all, I don’t know who was kind enough to stop and rescue my
little dog but whoever that person is, I pray they have a wonderful day
(life, even!). Second, I am so relieved that the chip worked so well,
even though most of the information was not valid anymore. Third, I
called HomeAgain and was immediately able to update the chip with all
our new information and I also ordered a HomeAgain tag that has Twinkie’s name
and ID number on it. And finally, I am going to get new tags with our
new address and phone number and I will never leave the gate cracked
even one more time!

Thanks, HomeAgain. When I chipped Twinkie five years ago I never thought I
would need it — but my sister convinced me because she had spent time
working as a vet tech in a shelter and had many sad stories about lost
pets who never found their way home. HomeAgain saved Twinkie from that
terrible possibility.

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