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Lost-Pet Reunions: Barkley the terrier ran off after a cat


Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

While this story features a pet who was recovered even though his guardians hadn’t updated his microchip with their contact information, many microchipped pets aren’t returned because the contact information associated with the chip is out of date (learn more).

One of the many benefits of enrolling your chip with HomeAgain is that, even if you only enroll once (which gives you access to a year of unbeatable benefits), you’ll still get permanent registration with FREE, unlimited updates for the rest of your pet’s life.

Learn more about the benefits of enrolling your pet with HomeAgain.


Barkley ran from his yard after a cat.

Barkley took off after a cat — from Lori Stewart in Oklahoma City, OK

Several years ago we adopted Barkley, a broken-coated Parson Russell Terrier, from our friend Pam via Petfinder. He fit into our household perfectly: so sweet, lovable and kind.

About a year ago, Barkley escaped out of our yard in pursuit of a cat. We searched our neighborhood for days, made phone calls to the pound daily and hung up posters, all with no success. After about two weeks, we thought we would never see our beloved boy again.

Then one afternoon, I received a call from Pam asking if Barkley was missing. I told her he was. How did she know?

She had received a call from a vet whose office was about 20 miles north of our home. A woman had found Barkley hidden under a truck and brought him to the vet’s office to get scanned. They called Pam because Barkley’s HomeAgain chip was still registered to her.

I immediately went to pick up my long-lost boy. I was so excited!

HomeAgain is invaluable to us. Without it, our beloved boy would have been lost forever — or worse. My faith in humanity was definitely strengthened, and my belief that HomeAgain is not an option, but a necessity, is firm. All pets need HomeAgain!

Thank you, HomeAgain, for giving us our precious boy back!

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