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Does your pet help you stay in shape?


In our June newsletter, we asked if your pet helps you stay in shape. Most of you wrote that walking is the main way you and your dog exercise together. But Gail B. sent us a story that we would like to share.


Gail’s dog CC

Gail tells us that after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatments were taking both a physical and emotional toll. She had made it through chemo, but then radiation treatments began.

“Each day I grew weaker,” she says. “There were a number of weeks to go, and I felt my life was again being sucked away. Crying, I refused to attend another treatment!”

Her husband, Gordon, cajoled her with the promise of a surprise if she would
just go for one more treatment, so she struggled out of bed, trying to stem her tears. After the treatment, he told her he had seen the perfect dog for them on a local television show that morning and he was taking her to the shelter to meet the dog. After a stop at the wrong shelter, they made it to the one that had been featured on the show.

“To our dismay,” Gail says, “we checked every dog hoping for a new home only to fail in our search. As we perused the kennels for the third and final time, an employee asked if she could assist us. My husband explained our problem. The employee exclaimed, ‘Oh, that was CC. She is our favorite dog. You will love her!’ ”

CC was located, and the couple adopted her. Once in her new home, CC stayed by Gail’s side, watching over her. “She made me get up four or five times each day to take her for a walk. Slowly but surely, I gained my strength back. Within six months, we were walking nearly five miles a day! Without this precious dog, I am not certain I would have ever gotten up and finished my treatments.”

Bless CC’s heart and all the wonderful pets who help us when we’re feeling low or when times are tough. They are always there for us.

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