Petfinder birthday: 15 adorable photos of pets in party hats


Last week, in honor of our Big Birthday Adoption Event, we asked you to post pictures of your pets in party hats to our Facebook wall — and 133 of you did!

All the photos were great. Here we’re sharing 15 of them in honor of 15 years of Petfinder and the more than 15,000 pets who were adopted last weekend. Enjoy!

Emily-Harrington.jpgPhoto: Emily Harrington


Photo: Amanda M. Sullivan Swain


Clara-Yori.jpgPhoto: Clara Yori


Erin-Hallihan.jpgPhoto: Erin Hallihan


Hannah-Duranleau-2.jpgPhoto: Hannah Duranleau


Jennifer-Baart.jpgPhoto: Jennifer Baart


Karen-Cattledog-Cox.jpgPhoto: Karen Cox


Kathie-Meier.jpgPhoto: Kathie Meier


Katie-Edmunds-Monk.jpgPhoto: Katie Edmunds Monk


Kim-N-Shannon-Ball.jpgPhoto: Kim N. Shannon Ball


Lynda-Felix.jpgPhoto: Lynda Felix


Marsha-Stephenson-Martens 2.jpgPhoto: Marsha Stephenson Martens


Meg-Allison-2.jpgPhoto: Meg Allison


Michelle-Walls.jpgPhoto: Michelle Walls


Peggy-Schra-m-Davis.jpgPhoto: Peggy Schram Davis


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