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VIDEO: Which dog raided the trash? Plus: how to keep your dog out of the garbage


Check out this hilarious video in which a family tries to figure out which of their two dogs raided the trash while they were gone.



The video is funny, but cleaning up after your dog’s trash diving is a pain. And eating trash can be dangerous for your pup — foods containing the common sweetener xylitol can be deadly to pets, as can many other common items your dog might find in the trash.

Here’s how to dog-proof your garbage:

  • Lock up your trash: Keep your garbage can inside a cabinet or on a counter, or buy one that locks. (You can also get creative, like the maker of this homemade dog-proof trash can.)
  • Think fast: When you throw away something particularly tempting — such as, say, the paper plates from your 4th of July barbecue — take your trash out of the house right away (put it in the garage if it’s a while until trash day).
  • Keep your dog full: If you split his meals into smaller portions and feed him more often during the day, he may be less likely to scavenge between meals. (Read our article How Much Should You Feed Your Dog for info on portion control.)
  • Keep him busy: Some dogs trash dive because they’re bored. Make sure he gets plenty of exercise and provide him with puzzle toys — such as a Kong that’s been stuffed with moistened kibble and then frozen — while you’re out.

Remember, never punish your dog after he’s eaten from the trash — he won’t understand why you’re angry at him. However, it’s a good idea to teach him the “leave it” command ahead of time so you can use it if you catch him in the act.

Tell us: What’s your pet’s favorite off-limits thing to get into?

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