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Leaving Kentucky, Rescue U will transport 65 homeless dogs north


The Foundation has been in Kentucky at the Rowan County Animal Shelter and Menifee County Animal Shelter for the past
week and the work is finally done!


This cat is one of many who can enjoy the new cat enclosure at Menifee County Animal Shelter .

There has been a ton of progress on both shelters thanks to the Rescue U student volunteers and shelter staff. The dogs are resting on newly raised dog beds and finding comfort in their fences and new roofed kennels.

But the dogs were not the only ones to get new digs! The cats have a new indoor and outdoor play area, providing them with comfort and safety while they wait for their forever homes. (Check out our video of the new cat enclosure below.)

Maybe the happiest news of all: 65 dogs will find new and loving homes! They are being transported from  overpopulated shelters to shelters and rescue groups in the Northeast including St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey, Furry Friends in Ontario, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Virginia and Animal House Rescue, Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue and Worthy Tails Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

Not only will the move improve their chances for adoption, it will provide them with a better quality of life, with less risk of illness and kennel stress, while they await adoption.

Check out this video showing some of the work students did on the cat areas in the final days of the Rescue U trip.

Special thanks:
We couldn’t have done this without the dedication and support of our partners, The Animal Rescue Site and and BISSELL. Thank you! We would also like to thank the Animal Lifeline volunteers who put the needs of homeless pets first this summer.

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