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The Kentucky Rescue U trip gets an adoptable-dog mascot


I spent four days at Rowan County Animal Shelter in Morehead, KY, on the Foundation Rescue U trip last week.


Vicki’s favorite dog,  “Hound,” will be transported to Arlington, VA’ s Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

When I arrived, it was clear that the shelter was in need of repair. I am amazed at how the students got to work, diligently fixing the roof, painting and cleaning the kennels, making dog beds and much more. The students’ dedication is impressive.

The dogs happily watched as the students worked around them, getting occasional pets and hugs along the way. One student fell in love with a puppy and will be taking her home.

I fell in love with a skinny, sweet Beagle who bravely let me pick ticks off his ears. Eventually, he ate out of my hands and his tail started to wag slowly. He was picked up off the street with another dog whose parents claimed him over the weekend.

As for my “Hound,” Rescue U is transporting him to a foster home with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Arlington, VA, until he finds his forever home — which I can promise you he fully deserves and will thrive in. (Check out this video of him and his buddy at the shelter.)

Stay tuned; soon we’ll show you the results of the shelter renovation!

This trip was made possible by BISSELL, Inc. and The Animal Rescue Site.

To show your support for homeless pets, text 4PETS and your email address to 20222 to donate $10 to the Foundation, or visit Foundation.

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