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Lost-Pet Reunions: A cat dashes out the door


Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain, in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.

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Lobo’s mom sank into a deep depression when he disappeared.

Lobo makes a dash out the door – from Alex in Philadelphia
My kitten — more like a cat at 9 months old and almost 11 pounds — Lobo, a black domestic longhair, became a member of my household on July 4th weekend 2009. I drove to New Haven to get him and his twin sister, Lulu. Both could fit in my palms … little furballs!

Lobo had made several dashes out the front door — quite daring ones, I might add, as his big puffy tail was almost clipped by the storm door. He was not allowed outside! He was scolded, but like everything Lobo comes upon, his
nonchalant “okay, cool” attitude prevailed.

But on the night of March 19, 2010, he got out! I was out of the house for several hours and when my roommate and I returned, there was no big black furball waiting at the door (a very commonplace sight). Panic, panic, panic, search, no Lobo. Then just constant tears!

A call was made to HomeAgain to send the flag up for his disappearance. I did everything I could: I had my friends on Facebook (and, by the way, I created Lobo’s own Facebook page!) all praying, my family, everyone I knew. My other cat, Peewee, was down at first but then started to spread her wings again as she regained “control.” She was, however, annoyed with my random crying for Lobo.

After the third weekend he was gone, I had planned on visiting the SPCA and some shelters Monday morning. My depression set in and I just laid in bed almost all day. Then at about 3 p.m., a vet from Shore Veterinarians in Seaville, NJ, was leaving a message — I didn’t even answer the phone anymore — when I heard “Lobo.” I hopped out of bed and picked up the phone. Constant tears again — but this time of joy!

Lobo was alive, healthy, two pounds thinner, and LOBO! He was turned in anonymously over 70 miles away from Philadelphia at the Jersey shore!

On Tuesday, April 6 at 11:11 a.m. I was again holding my big bundle of fur!

An hour and a half drive later, we were home. The ride back was comical as Lobo just seemed like it was another part of his “adventure.” But I could tell he was happy to be in my car. In fact, I had to nudge his shoulder to wake him up when I parked because he was sound asleep!

I am writing this several hours later and he has returned to his favorite sleeping spot on my bedroom rug. His first encounter with Peewee was met with a nose touch, then her familiar “HISSSS!” She was not having his return!

I can still smell the salt air in that long black fur of Lobo’s, but I am sure his trip to the Jersey shore contained little surfing …

I am eternally grateful to HomeAgain and all!

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