Here’s What You Said: Did you save your cat’s life?

In our May newsletter we asked how you saved your cat’s life. We received lots of replies. Here are a few of your touching stories:


Phoebe is pictured with her ginger-and-white surrogate mom, Olivia.

Carol’s Doberman, Sinbad, began frantically running back and forth to a corner of the backyard, trying to get Carol to follow him. She did and, under a pile of weeds, found a tiny kitten near death.

She scooped the baby up and rushed her to the vet’s office. The kitty was dehydrated and malnourished from flea-induced anemia. Her eyes were crusted shut. Three weeks later, after countless treatments, Carol brought Phoebe (pictured with her ginger-and-white
surrogate Mom, Olivia) home.

Jeanne tells about another dog intervention story. Her German Shepherd was barking at something in her backyard shed. “I thought it might be a raccoon or some other wild beast,” she says. But when she stooped down to look, she heard a tiny meow. She called to him, and the tiny starved kitten came running out. “Now Billy Bobtail is almost five years old and my buddy,” she says.

Brenda had been watching a feral cat hunting daily at the far end of her property and began leaving food for her, although the cat never ate it when Brenda was outside. Eventually Brenda found four kittens in an unused barn. She decided to trap them, but before she got a trap, the mama cat moved them during the night.

“I was beside myself and felt as though it was my fault for going near them,” Brenda says. The cat continued to eat the food Brenda put out, but every time Brenda tried to follow the cat, she was unsuccessful in finding the kittens. One day her lawn man came to mow, and she warned him to watch out for the kittens that might be in the grass somewhere.

“He said, ‘You mean those?’ ” Brenda writes. He was pointing at a very old tree at the edge of her property. Several people tried to get the kittens down, but the tree was hollow and the little family would disappear into it when anyone climbed the ladder. Eight weeks later, the mom brought her kittens to the food dish to eat. Brenda eventually trapped them and brought Mom and kittens into her house to live.

Lynn’s husband was working out of town and saw a car pass by the motel where he was staying. “They threw something out the window,” she says, “and then he heard loud cries.” He got a flashlight from his truck and investigated the tall weeds near the roadway. It was a tiny kitten. “He had a broken hip, and his little feet were raw, but with a little time and a lot of love, Maximilian was good as new,” Lynn says. “He was once lost in the deep grass, now he is King of the Jungle.”

Great stories from all of you! Thanks for what you did for these cats.

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