Video: A tornado victim finds her lost cat during a CNN interview

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Want a good cry? Check out this incredible CNN video in which an Alabama woman, showing a reporter her tornado-ravaged home, unexpectedly finds her cat who’d been missing for nearly a month.

Just try not to tear up when you see Judy Pugh standing among the rubble that was her house, hugging her cat and saying, “I have everything in the world now.”

Judy was one of thousands left homeless by the storms that ravaged the South last month. (Read about efforts to care for the pets of those affected.)

When the tornado tore the roof off her house, Judy was able to escape with two of her three cats. For weeks, she returned to the site every day to search for the third. 

Amazingly, during her interview with CNN, the cat came walking up — a little worse for wear, but happy to see his mom.

Weeping as she calls a friend to share the news, she says, “I wish he could talk — he could tell me where he’s been.” So do we, but we’re thankful we could witness this small part of their story.