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Lost-Pet Reunions Video: A door-dashing dog is found 70 miles away


Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

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bishop4.jpgBishop dashed out the front door
Bishop’s mom was on vacation when she received an unhappy text from her husband: Bishop had dashed out the door and was missing. But the family hoped for the best and put up fliers around the neighborhood.

“We got a hit or two, but nothing came of those leads,” Bishop’s dad says. Two and a half months passed and the family nearly gave up hope.

Then, while at her daughter’s dance class, Bishop’s mom received a more welcome text — Bishop had been found!

“A shelter 70 miles away called us and said ‘we have your dog,’ ” says Bishop’s dad. The shelter staffer, he says, told him: “He’s neutered, he’s trained and he’s very likeable, so I scanned him and — lo and behold — your ID came up.”

“He’s back and happier than ever,” says Bishop’s mom. And we can certainly see why.

“Thank you, HomeAgain,” says Bishop’s dad. “The chip works. I urge everyone to have their animals chipped.”

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