Live video chat TODAY: Are dogs our most important eco-issue?

Today at 3:30 pm ET, our friends at are hosting a live chat with Steven Kotler — author, journalist and co-founder of Rancho de Chihuahua, a rescue group in Chimayo, NM, that specializes in senior and special-needs Chihuahuas. (See Rancho de Chihuahua’s adoptable pets on Petfinder.)


Steven Kotler

The topic of the chat is “Are Dogs Humankind’s Most Important Environmental Issue?” You can watch the chat live — and participate by typing in text questions below the video player — here on the Petfinder blog.

Steven argues that dogs may hold the key to reimagining
our role within the natural world. As our oldest animal
companions, dogs have evolved alongside humans — and Steven posits that by
understanding dogs, we can understand
how to live in harmony with the ecosystems we rely on.

Watch the video here at 3:30 today — and learn more about Steven after the jump:

Watch live streaming video from treehuggerlive at

About Steven Kotler
Steven’s most recent book, A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life, is about his experiences nursing a severely abused dog back to emotional and physical health, and how that dog in turn helped Steven recover from Lyme disease. Steven has been involved in dog rescue since he met his wife, Joy, and took her motto of “Love me, love my dogs” to heart. The couple moved with their pack of eight dogs to Chimayo, NM, where they founded Rancho de Chihuahua.

Tell us: Are you an eco-conscious pet parent?

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