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Last month we asked if you had any unusual pets, because we know that dogs and cats are not people’s only best friends. We asked fans of our Facebook page the same question.


Jane’s three-toed box turtle, Turt, poses with a ceramic turtle statue.

Some of you have ferrets, while others keep snakes. Rats and gerbils are popular pets, too.

Jane’s pet Turt is a three-toed box turtle who’s been with her for 21 years. “She’s not cuddly like cats or dogs, but she has a strong personality that comes out whenever I clean her enclosure,” Jane says. “If I don’t put things back the way she wants them, she’ll ‘bulldoze’ them: She pushes them around until everything’s organized best for her.”

“Turtles make great companions, but they’re definitely not for everyone,” she cautions. “Some carry salmonella, so extreme care needs to be taken when handling them and they’re not good pets for kids to be in charge of.

“They also have very sensitive systems that need just the right diet, light, heat and humidity, so I’d strongly recommend doing research and talking to other turtle parents before adopting a rescued turtle.”

Sara has a Mexican redknee tarantula who “doesn’t do much, but what she
does is fascinating,” Sara says. “Occasionally, we are lucky enough to watch her go
through the molting process, which involves leaving behind a perfectly intact shell of herself
as she leaves her too-small former body to expand.”

Randi says her pet chinchillas “are better than therapy — they always bring a smile to my face.”

Annabella’s pet isn’t a cat, but she thinks she is. The African Grey
meows and hisses. “Sometimes I don’t know if it’s her or
the cats,” Anabella says.

Sally’s iguana loves to cuddle up under her neck and take a nap. “Who
says man’s — or girl’s — best friend has to be a dog?” she asks.

If you can’t have a dog or cat in your house, consider some of the other
pets listed on Petfinder. They can be very endearing. Before making a
decision, check out the articles in the Petfinder library to find out more about unusual pets.

As ever, thanks for responding to our question.

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