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Happy Tail: Adoption is a reason to celebrate


Jenn Mitchell’s boyfriend, Ross, came running into the bedroom where she was sleeping, woke her up and shoved her laptop toward her. There on the screen she saw a Manx cat that looked like an identical twin to their beloved Cheeba, who they’d had to have euthanized a few days after a battle with cancer.

The Brampton, ON, couple had planned to wait a few months and adopt from a local organization, but Ross had begun looking on Petfinder right away. And now here was Smokey, a cat they were immediately drawn to who was listed on Petfinder by Catnip Friends Cat Rescue in Flemington, NJ.

Smokey Mitchell

Smokey waves a friendly hello.

“We looked at each other for a moment,” she says, “and I asked, with a smile, ‘What are we going to do about this then?’ He didn’t say anything, just smiled, and I knew that we had to go for it and apply to adopt him. They made out their application, and soon thereafter, checking online, Jenn noticed that Smokey’s status had changed to ‘pending.’

“I was worried that we didn’t end up getting him,” she says, “until I read my email and got a notification that we had been approved to adopt him.” They went out to celebrate and showed his picture to their family and friends.

Then they started the eight-hour trip south to get him. Smokey was scared and nervous when they first met him, but “when we got home, he literally ran out of the carrier and started nuzzling our German Shepherd,” making himself at home.

“He has blossomed into a lovable, adorable tank of a cat who makes me smile everyday,” Jenn says. “If he’s not sleeping in the bathroom sink, or in the laundry basket, he’s dragging my clothes into the hall to sleep on or he’s on my lap, sleeping in bizarre poses. He runs down the hall at high speed every night when he hears “Smokey! Bedtime” and jumps into bed with Ross and me.”

Jenn and Ross have adopted another Manx, Bobbi, as a friend for Smokey, and Jenn has begun volunteering, helping with all sorts of tasks like screening potential adopters and socializing shy cats. Smokey has changed lives, just by being Smokey.

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