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Happy Tail: The cure for a broken spirit


Amy Rogala of Mackinaw City, MI, was having a bad winter. “I have
struggled with depression for a long time,” she says. When she found
herself with no job and bills to pay, she sank even deeper into the
doldrums. “I knew I needed help, so I sought medical help and


Things improved. She found a job, but still felt as if something was
missing in her life. She thought maybe that something was a warm

She spotted Willow on Petfinder and made
arrangements to adopt her. Willow was listed on the website by Alcona
Humane Society
in Lincoln, MI.

Amy’s decision to give Willow a home was a good one. “She keeps me
going, gets me outside and is always at my side,” Amy says, adding that
“there is no more weeping.”

The cute brown puppy has been the
perfect antidote to help heal Amy’s spirits.

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