Best Pet-Adoption Videos: Two senior Poodles get unbelievable makeovers

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Our friends at Shelter Chic have released a great new pet-makeover video! (Watch their first makeover, of Isabella Ruffellini, here.)

As you can see in the “before” photos below, senior Poodles Gatsby and Daisy were in rough shape when they arrived at Doggie’s Wonderland K-9 Rescue in Plano, TX. But a good teeth-cleaning and a nose-to-tail makeover had them looking and feeling worlds better. (Meet Gatsby, who is still waiting for a forever home.)

Watch the video to see their transformation — and check in on Isabella Ruffellini and her new adoptive parents. After the jump: Daisy and Gatsby’s dramatic “after” photos.

Daisy before:

Gatsby before:

Daisy after*:

Gatsby after*:

*Photos courtesy of Teresa Berg Photography

UPDATE: Jaime Anderson, creator and host of the Shelter Chic videos, e-mailed us today with this sad news: “Friday was a bad day. I got a call that morning that Daisy had been acting funny and wasn’t eating. Doggie’s Wonderland took her to their vet, and they ran tests, etc. They said she had a rapidly developing form of cancer and there was nothing that they could do. So to keep her from suffering, they made the decision to put her to sleep. Laci, the girl who took care of her almost every day, was there with her when she made the transition. It’s been pretty hard on all of us.”

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