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Lost-Pet Reunions Video: An indoor cat disappears


Here’s an amazing found-pet reunion story from our partner HomeAgain and put together by our friends at Steve Dale’s Pet World.

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Callie disappeared while vacationing with her family
Callie was adopted from Battle Creek Animal Shelter in Michigan by Loretta Lowe. “She kind of picked me,” Loretta says of her visit to the shelter. “When I went in there she jumped on my lap and stayed the whole time.”

Callie lived as an indoor-only cat with Loretta and her family, venturing outside only once by going through a window screen after a chipmunk. “Cats can be sneaky,” Loretta admits.

When the family planned a vacation, Loretta was not sure whether to bring Callie. But the trip was long and they decided to bring her along.

The family made it from Michigan to Oklahoma to New Mexico to California without incident, but after leaving Shasta, CA, they realized Callie was missing — and that a window had been left open at their last stop. They quickly returned, but Callie was nowhere to be found.

Nearly two months later the family got a call from HomeAgain. Callie was found in Redding, CA. HomeAgain arranged the flight to reunite her with her family. “I was amazed. Everything was set up through HomeAgain — they figured out the flight [and] someone to take her down to the airport,” Loretta says.

“I never thought that I’d ever have to use the chip,” she adds, “because I’ve had cats before and they’ve always stayed inside. But I was thankful that I had her chipped because it got her back to us.”

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