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Happy Tail: A three-legged Shepherd trades a chain for a life of helping others


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Read Buddy’s story in Wallace’s own words and see a picture of him in his handsome therapy-dog vest.

Wallace Mozart of Forked River, NJ, was browsing on Petfinder when he
saw the listing for a three-legged German Shepherd named Buddy.

“I have
always liked shepherds and have had shepherd mixes in the past,” Wallace
says, “so I decided to inquire.”

The dog’s foster mom responded promptly and told him that Buddy had
been rescued from a yard where he’d been chained to a post.

The chain
had become firmly wrapped around his leg, cutting off circulation and
causing a wound that had become infected. A portion of his leg had to be

Buddy was part of a group of dogs that were transported from Lenoir
County SPCA
in Kinston, NC, to Furry
Angels Rescue
in Elwood, NJ, to increase their chances of being

“I was interested in meeting Buddy and set up a meeting that
next weekend,” Wallace says. When they met, Wallace was impressed by what a friendly and happy dog Buddy was.

The foster mom let him take Buddy home for a
trial visit to see how the rest of the family, including Wallace’s cat and
dogs, liked him. Everyone but the cat, who reserved judgment, loved
him. And soon, the cat also came around, and they’ve become pals.

Since coming to his new home, Buddy’s leg has required
additional surgery, but now he’s doing fine and can very skillfully
bound after a ball in a game of fetch. If your eyes didn’t see it, you’d
never suspect he was missing a leg.

He shares his indomitable character with others these days — as a
therapy dog, inspiring hospital patients to face their challenges during
rough times as he has so successfully done. It’s fine work for a
strong spirit.

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