Prince William and Kate Middleton: After your wedding, adopt a pet!

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On Friday, Prince William and Kate Middleton will begin their lives as a married couple. What could make their happily ever after even happier? Adopting a pet!

The pair could adopt a Cocker Spaniel friend for Kate’s Cocker, Otto, or a Corgi, which would please William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (she currently has four Corgis and three Corgi-Dachshund mixes, according to the royal family’s official website).

If Kate and William want to consider other pets worthy of royalty, they could follow the lead of the Chinese and adopt a Pekingese — the dogs were treated like royalty during the T’ang Dynasty (700-1000 A.D.). Or they could adopt a Pug, the breed favored in France by Marie Antoinette and the Empress Josephine.

Before Pugs took over as the English royal breed during the Victorian era, monarchs such as Charles II, and Mary Queen of Scots had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels — Charles, the breed’s namesake, loved his dogs so much, he was accused of neglecting his royal responsibilities for them.

Whatever dog they choose — or even if they decide to break with tradition and adopt a cat! — the prince and his new princess can find their perfect pet at a shelter or rescue group. Here are some of the more than 300,000 adoptable pets posted on Petfinder who could make fabulous additions to the royal couple’s family:

A goofy Cocker Spaniel in Walnut Creek, CA, who is sure to be buddies with Otto

A fun-loving Welsh Corgi in Irvine, CA

A loveable Pug in Hanover, MA

An adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Marietta, GA

monty.jpgMonty the 2nd
A tuxedo cat in Boston who’s always ready for a black-tie affair

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