Wall-E the ‘euthanized’ dog will be adopted; will other Wall-Es?



Wall-E, at Sulphur (OK) Animal Shelter, has become a celebrity.

The hot pet story of the moment is about Wall-E, the puppy at Sulphur Animal Shelter in Sulphur, OK, who was believed euthanized, but who survived.

You can read his story on his Petfinder profile, which is maintained by veterinarian Amanda Kloski. Dr. Kloski has been caring for Wall-E since his near-death experience.

(You can also read about Wall-E’s story in ” ‘Euthanized’ Dog Rises from the Dead” on DiscoveryNews.com.)

As. Dr. Kloski writes in Wall-E’s Petfinder profile, the adorable terrier mix has received hundreds of inquiries from people interested in adopting him. She adds:

In Sulphur we have NEVER had the problem (or BLESSING) of more than one
family wishing to adopt a dog so we are new to this concept- most of our
dogs do not get this chance or opportunity even ONCE- it is amazing!

So while Wall-E is likely to find a wonderful forever home, it’s worth remembering the thousands of dogs out there who are still waiting. If you’re determined to adopt Wall-E, check out the 13 other pets named Wall-E who are also listed on Petfinder — not to mention the 204 adoptable pets named Wally.


This Wall-E is adoptable at New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue and Rehoming Inc in Aurora, CO.

There are also 12 other dogs at Sulphur Animal Shelter waiting for homes without the benefit of nationwide press coverage.

Don’t live near Sulphur and don’t care about names, but you think Wall-E sure is cute? Check out the nearly 1,400 male terrier-mix puppies waiting for forever homes throughout North America.

It’s always a good thing when a story like Wall-E’s puts a face on the plight of homeless pets — but it’s important to remember how many pets just like him are still waiting for their moment in the spotlight.