Adopt the Internet Day: Celebrity edition!

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Alyssa Milano meets Scooby-Roo after helping him get his doggie wheelchair. (Photo: Alyssa Milano)

Helin Jung is an associate editor at She adopted her dog, a senior Maltese named Ethel, from the Humane Society of New York in 2009. She lives in Queens.

At, we hear about lots of stars who love their pets, many of them shelter cats and dogs. But on Adopt the Internet Day, we think it’s fitting to call out a few of the celebrities who go out of their way to speak out for homeless pets — and do all they can to find forever homes for them. Meet them below:

Alyssa Milano
When the Twitter maven found out about Scooby-Roo, an abandoned, two-legged mutt with Fuzzy Recue in L.A., She helped get him a custom-made cart to help with his rehabilitation. Milano then invited the dog to her home, where Scooby-Roo wheeled around the yard and met the actress’s 10 horses. And her fans know all about it: Milano often Tweets to her 1.4 million followers about pets in need of homes. Read more about Alyssa Milano and Scooby-Roo.

Ellen DeGeneres
“[When I was younger] I worked with a rescue organization, but I really thought my life would somehow revolve around animals,” the talk-show host told PEOPLE. “I hope one day I can start my own foundation and I support lots of rescue organizations now. I just love animals.” As co-owner of Halo Pet Food, DeGeneres has done much for homeless pets — last year she helped donate a million Halo meals to shelters across the country. (Learn more about Ellen’s pets.)

Justin Bieber
The pop star, who has a Papillon named Sam, has posed for several PETA campaigns encouraging people to adopt — not buy — pets. “My dad and I used to go and hang out [at animal shelters],” Bieber has said. His latest good deed for animals? His recently shorn locks were auctioned — with the help of DeGeneres — for $40,668, with all the money going to animal rescue organization The Gentle Barn Foundation. (Learn more about Bieber’s auction or watch one of his PSAs.)

Denise Richards
Richards walks the pet-adoption walk: She recently adopted a dog who had been searching for a home for a year when the mutt-i-gree ran into the actress backstage at The View. She appeared on Access Hollywood in February to talk about the importance of adoption on behalf of Best Friends Animal Society. Need more proof? Follow Richards on Twitter. She actively posts photos of her fosters and updates on her furry family.

Maggie Q
Why Maggie Q? All you need to know about the Nikita star’s affinity for adoption is that her idea of a vacation is volunteering at an animal shelter. She has been an advocate for adoptables since she was a young girl. “I realized how many of them were at the shelter and needed someone,” Q told last year. “I looked at the pet store puppies and thought, ‘Someone’s always going to love them because they’re perfect and beautiful and shiny.’ And then you go to the shelter and you see dogs that are equally beautiful but aren’t given the chance because they’ve been rejected.” She currently lives with three pups: 12-year-old Chihuahua Pedro, 7-year-old shepherd mix Cesar and 12-year-old white shepherd mix Lady. (See photos of Q and her dogs.)

Katherine Heigl
When California’s shelters became overcrowded with once-trendy Chihuahuas, Katherine Heigl, through her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, paid to fly 25 of them to the East Coast, where they were taken in by New Hampshire adoption groups the Humane Society of Greater Nashua and the Salem Animal Rescue League. And last fall, the actress pledged $1 million to help animal shelters in the Los Angeles area.

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