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Lost-Pet Reunions Video: A stolen dog comes home


Here’s an amazing found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain and put together by our friends at Steve Dale’s Pet World.

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Bo Got Out of the Yard and Was Stolen
Bo was adopted as a puppy from Minnesota – Wisconsin Collie Rescue in Minneapolis by Brent and his family.

One year, the family held a Memorial Day barbecue and Bo got out of the yard in all the commotion. Police think he was picked up by thieves and sold. Bo’s family canvassed the neighborhood, but after months with no leads, they feared the worst. Eventually, they gave up hope.

Five and a half years later, the family got a call from HomeAgain, the makers of Bo’s microchip. Bo had been found 85 miles away and brought to a shelter, where his chip had been scanned.

Shelter staff suspected Bo had been kept in a cage for years without exercise: He’d developed severe arthritis and gained a lot of weight. In his poor condition, there was little chance he’d get adopted — so the microchip that allowed him to be reunited with his family may have very well saved his life.

These days, Bo is enjoying life again with his best buddy Brent. “We’re very thankful,” Brent says, “that we get to have Bo back again in our family.”

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