Here’s What You Said: Your pets’ social networking


Leo Grande in a Facebook photo

In our February newsletter, we asked about your pets’ social networking on the Web. As a consequence, I became Facebook friends with several cats and dogs, including Giz, Tripper and Cricket Speir.

From there I linked to Leo Grande, a beagle whose occupation is listed as “slacker” and whose favorite activities include sleeping, eating and pooping, to name a few. His movie “likes” include Hotel for Dogs and 101 Dalmatians. You can find and “friend” them by searching for their names on Facebook.

I think that many pets’ Facebook pages are more imaginative than humans’. Allison’s cats went to Meowly University and root for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Sacramento River Cats. Cat Stevens and The Stray Cats are their favorite entertainers, and they’re interested in boxes and birdies. They have 145 friends — mostly cats, it’s true, but hey, that’s more than I have, cats or otherwise.

Penny the dogs’s Facebook profile showcases the rescue and adoption of companion animals
because she herself was a rescue. She had at least one litter before
she was rescued. “We wondered if that might explain one of her
interesting behaviors when she first arrived at our home,” her adoptive mom, Janet, writes. “Each night, she placed her stuffed duck, tiger, Dachshund and baby gorilla in her kennel before settling down to bed.”
To meet Penny, check out Sunny with a Chance of Labradors on Facebook.

Thanks for all of your responses, and don’t forget to check out Petfinder on Facebook!

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