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Adopt the Internet Day: Thanks to you, we made a difference!



Tyler is at Wildrun in Spencer, NY, which saw a jump in adoption inquiries on Adopt the Internet Day.

On March 15 we asked everyone to help Petfinder adopt the internet for adoptable pets. And boy, did you ever!

On more than 300 websites and Facebook company pages, you spread the word about pet adoption. Countless numbers of you shared adoptable pets and adoption stories on Facebook and Twitter. You spread the message offline as well — more than 2,200 of you took our pledge to tell at least one person about pet adoption on March 15.

And your efforts worked.

Our friends at e-mailed us that a visitor saw Adopt the Internet Day on their site and put in an application to adopt a dog because of it. Petfinder shelter-outreach specialist Susan Greene, who runs Wildrun cat rescue in Spencer, NY, says she got as many adoption inquiries on Tuesday as she normally gets in a week!

“It was wonderful to open my e-mail and see that many adoption messages on my adult and young adult cats,” Susan adds. “As a small rescue, I normally would only get that many inquiries when I post a litter of cute and fuzzy kittens.”

All of us at Petfinder were incredibly moved to see the enthusiastic and varied ways you helped spread the word about pet adoption. Here are just a few of the extra-creative efforts we saw on behalf of adoptable pets:

  • Web comic Life at Silly Dogs picked four adoptable dogs and turned them into comic characters.
  • What’s Up Duck? told the touching story of what finding a home meant to one special kitten.
  • Janet McCulley at Animal Planet’s Daily Treat blog made the timely observation that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could have adopted a Puli on Petfinder.
  • My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much pointed out all the lesser-known adorable adoptables available on Petfinder, including some of my favorites, turtles and tortoises.
  • The cats over at Paws and Effect shared touching reader-submitted adoption stories.
  • Our friends at Rockin’ Doggie are giving cool “Rescued” pet tags to the first 100 people who adopted pets on March 15. Find out how to get a tag here.

(Here are some other ways websites and blogs went above and beyond for Adopt the Internet Day.)

Have a great idea for our next big awareness-raising campaign? Tell us below!

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