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Adopt the Internet Day: Galleries and giveaways



On Tuesday, adoptable pets will take over the Web. You can help!

Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day is March 15 — but the impact has already been huge.

More than 60 blogs and other websites have pledged to spread the word about pet adoption on March 15, and many have already started.

Here are some of the great ways adoptable pets are taking over the web on March 15:

  • Adoptable-pet photo galleries: (yes, that’s the Oprah) and will treat their millions of visitors to galleries of Petfinder pets.
  • LOL adoptable pets: We hope you’ve been captioning Petfinder photos at! On March 15, the site will be spotlighting the photos with the funniest captions.
  • Homepage takeovers: Our friends at Dogster and Catster will be dedicating their entire homepages to pet adoption!
  • Today’s top story: Pet-news sites PetSugar and AOL’s PawNation will be blogging about pet adoption throughout the day.
  • Prizes for pledgers: BISSELL is giving away 10 Pet Hair Eraser Vacuums to people who take our pledge to tell at least one person about pet adoption on March 15.
  • Adoptable pets on Facebook: You can already search Petfinder pets on IAMS’s Facebook page. IAMS has also been posting pet-adoption Happy Tails on Facebook, and will change its profile photo to an Adopt the Internet Day graphic on March 15.
  • Wall of Fame: Each day next week, will post an adorable Petfinder pet on its Wall of Fame.

  • Blogathons: FIDOFriendly, Grouchy Puppy and Will My Dog Hate Me are holding 12-hour blogathons, posting one adoptable pet from our gallery each hour for 12 hours.
  • Adoption-story contests: The Rabbit Advocate is calling for rabbit-adoption stories and Oz the Terrier of A Canine Opines is asking for poems about pet adoption. The editors will post their favorites on March 15.
  • Free pet-health advice: will give free veterinary consultations to four winners who pledge to spread the word about pet adoption — but only if 100 people or more take the pledge — so do it!
  • A year of pets: All Things Dog Blog is starting a weekly “adoptable pet” feature to run at least a year.

Visit Adopt the Internet Day to find out how you can help!

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