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Happy Tail: A rescued rabbit fits right in with a family’s two dogs



Read Nadia’s Happy Tail in her adoptive mother’s own words.

Can a bunny and a dog be buddies? 

In 2008, Linda Parendier and her kids, of Essington, PA, were
looking for a pet to complete their family. They already had a
15-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, Jasmine, and a 9-year-old
Chihuahua, Harley. But they
wanted something small and furry because their guinea pig had recently passed

Carol at Luv-N-Bunns in Broomall, PA, who had posted a cute
little bunny named Nadia on Petfinder, was a little hesitant about
introducing a bunny into the doggie mix, but Linda assured her that the
dogs would be cool with it.

Sure enough, when the Parendiers brought Nadia home and introduced
her to her new four-legged siblings, everyone was okay. Jasmine and Nadia even
went nose-to-nose in a warm welcome.

Now when Nadia comes out of
her pen, she heads straight to Jasmine and lies down next to her.
Jasmine, Linda says, looks at her as if to say, “Well, hello there.”
Happiness is a warm bunny buddy. Discover for yourself: February is
Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, a good time to hop on the bunny bandwagon.

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