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Happy Tail: Adopted bunny cures a disabled woman’s loneliness


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Adopted bunny Puddin’ turned out to be the perfect companion for a woman with an invisible disability.

Sandie Dawley wanted to adopt a pet. The Pawtucket, RI, woman has
permanent inner ear nerve damage, making her balance unsteady, and
the resulting vertigo keeps her from driving.

“It’s an invisible disability, but I’m no
longer able to work,” she says, which means she spends most of her time
at home alone.

But what kind of pet? She is allergic to cats and
thought a dog would be too much work. “My
boyfriend thought of a bunny and started looking online.”

She adopted Puddin’ through Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, RI. Sandy soon learned that
life with a rabbit can also keep a person hopping.

Puddin’s cage is in
the bedroom, but she likes to spend time with the family in the living
room. The uncarpeted floors between the two frightened her, so Sandie made a path with throw rugs.

When not enjoying family time, Puddin’ loves to redo — or “bunstruct”
— her Cottontail Cottage. “We just had to replace the one we had because
it was so weak on the bottom it started collapsing whenever she jumped
down from its third floor,” Sandie says.

Puddin’ has her opinions. She’s not fond of being handled, and lets
Sandie know by giving her the “sharkface”: “Her ears go flat to her
head and she gets a very disapproving look on her face.”

Nonetheless, Sandie says, “She’s my companion and friend, and life would
be empty without her.”

Was a rabbit the perfect pet for Sandie? The
proof is in the Puddin’.

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